Tuesday, June 2, 2009


Here are a few pictures I took today, of what is being called "dark line or black line phenomenon" online.

right click pictures and open in new tab/window for full size images

It's shot a few different ways. Some are zoomed, some are from different angles.

I have seen this before and read about it, but it's not too often I get a picture, since they don't last very long in the sky.

Some investigators think these dark lines are strongly indicative of particle-beams which would be greatly enhanced by the addition of aerosol metallic elements.

They are usually as straight as an arrow, but this one is quite squiggly. It almost looks as though someone took their finger and dipped it in blue, then went wiggling across the clouds with it.

This is a letter taken from the rense site I found very interesting, concerning the black line phenomenon:
From (anonymity requested)


I was really shocked to read about this as I have a very strange experience of this from about 6 years ago.

I was flying to San Francisco from London Heathrow and we were over Greenland at the time when I looked out of the window and noticed a thick translucent black band in the sky. I stared at it for a while unable to work out what I was looking at. It was probably about a mile away from the plane and stretched as far as you could see in a perfectly straight line in both directions.

Suddenly a black 'object' appeared in the middle of the 'corridor' and stopped, turned slightly towards the plane, and then did the strangest thing: it elongated to about 10 times the original size until it was what I can only describe as a stretched out triangle...then instantly accelerated away at a phenomenal speed down the 'corridor'.

My 2 colleauges also witnessed this and were just as puzzled and amazed. Also shortly after just into Canada we noticed a very, very long perfectly straight road through literally nowhere just going on for miles. Suddenly we passed a huge pentagon shaped complex that this road led to with nothing else around. Just this place with buildings and hangars and a runway absolutely in the middle of nowhere.

Very Bizzare.

I'm glad you mentioned about this black line as it's puzzled me ever since I saw it.

Keep up the good work

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