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PART THREE ~ Think Outside The Box, Work Outside The System

And now the third part of Captain's log:

Captain's Log, 23 May 2009 Part Three of Three.....

Posted by: "Al Gray" captaindragonfarstar

Sat May 23, 2009 2:28 pm (PDT)

As previously noted, the system feeds on DOR; pain, suffering, misery, anxiety, fear. The system generates it so that it can feed on it to enable it to have the power to generate more of the same so that it may continue to feed. Parasites exist to consume. That they kill their host is never a concern of the parasite while it is feeding.
Our national health situation is a disgrace. Our health care system is scary. Medical treatment is the third leading cause of death here in the US, if my memory serves me the correct statistic. Again depending on memory, I recall reading that 100,000 people die of medical treatment every year. At a plus or minus average of 2,000 people per week, can you imagine what would happen to the airline business if it had that kind of safety record? Would anyone fly? Would the government even allow it?
All this misery feeds the system, of course. So, let's interrupt or diminish the flow of this energy.
It won't do any good to go jousting with the insurance companies or health providers. They're not gonna change. And Obama's health care plan? It won't fix anything except the health industry's bottom line. The 2,000 dead people per week health care system won't be improved by including, forcing is the word they're using, everyone. Here's what you do, instead.
Take all that energy spent on ineffective actions and protests against innumerable problems. Focus on one topic, one cause you can believe in, that when successful will make a difference.
In some states, right now, there is a move on to legalize marijuana. Get on it. Join. Talk. Promote. Make it happen. Understand that this is the same technique I said would not work earlier. Why did it not work? That is because in all those protests and marches and petitions you are acting against something. If you promote legal marijuana, you are acting to create something. See the difference?
The effect of legalizing marijuana would be, right away, the health benefits. That herb is good for lots of what ails you. De-criminalizing it removes a portion of the negative energy that the system feeds on. Another positive outcome is that once marijuana is legalized, industrial hemp will have to be legal, too. Hemp as food, hemp as oil, is so beneficial as to make a huge difference in the nation's health. Plus the added bonus of hemp as fiber, hemp as paper and building material. It means the beginning of the end of clear cut forests for making paper. It would be a means of self-sufficiency for small farmers and craftsmen.
Industrial hemp takes little water, grows in poor soil, improves the soil, and uses almost no chemical inputs. That means less chemicals in the air, on the road to the farm, and in the waterways from agricultural runoff and the manufacturing process. Less chemicals in our bodies means healthier bodies, less need for medical intervention. As if that would help, anyway.
There is one more avenue open for action for change. Do what you can to get raw milk back on the market. There are some states where it is already an issue, and some states where they make it legal by selling ownership shares in the cows. It is still legal to drink your own raw milk. Raw milk is one of the most sought after items on the black market. You can find it, but it's a you-gotta-know-someone thing, kind of like back in the moonshiner days. Very illegal, but a very big business.
Why raw milk? For the health benefits. The raw milk story is told on the web, you'll have to look around. I subscribe to the premier eco-agriculture magazine, ACRES, USA. I recall reading a story in there about how someone did a lab test and put some bacteria into raw milk and the bacteria died. The stuff is that good. And back between the two World Wars, there was a cancer clinic that used raw milk for treatment. You can probably find that story on the web, too.
If we can get one or both of these established, it will improve the health and the quality of life and reduce the power of Big Pharma, and all those who feed on their generated negative energy.
The sweet thing about it is, the other side will never see it coming. And even if they do, they can't openly discuss it because that gives the game away. You hit 'em with power of dietary choices and all that kind of publicly acceptable rhetoric and they will have to yield.
For marijuana, what will sell that idea is to make it legal and tax it. The increased tax revenue will help the state's budget problems and at the same time reduce prison population, thereby easing the tax burden.
This can be done.

Think outside the box.
Work outside the system.

Do it until you, we, become the system.


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