Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Weather Warfare and Chemtrails, On The History Channel

Today I have something for those of you who refuse to believe anything until that damned glowing idiot-box tells you to believe it.
The History Channel featured this. I'm not sure when, because I do not have a glowing idiot box. Gave them away years ago!






Saturday, July 18, 2009

Behind The Scenes

This poem was written by someone I follow on Twitter.

His website can be found here: InnerCircle Publishing
He has much to say, and if you listen, you can learn.

I particularly relate to these words:

sometimes, it would be easier not to know
just how deep the rabbit hole goes

And these:
sometimes, I wish I didn't know,
but most times, I wish
more people did.

Behind The Scenes

Sometimes it's hard to keep
from laughing at the lies ...
other times it's hard to keep
from crying over the cover story
employed to keep
pubic eyes
from prying any deeper
than this surface level bullshit
that's being shoveled
hand over fist

into our wide-open

swallowing propaganda
like it was Ibuprofen
we'd take for a headache ...
but no aspirin cures
point-blank bullet holes
left in the head by the
exit wounds of FAUX News
stories spewed from the mouths
of mocking birds chirping
the AP party-line.

'They Report ... You Comply!'

sometimes, it would be easier not to know
just how deep the rabbit hole goes,
sometimes, I wish I was able to buy into
'the good guys and the bad guys'
paradigm of east vs. west ... as opposed
to understanding that both
the Right and the Left
are merely

of the government
by the government
for the government

of the machine
by the machine
for the machine

selectively chosen
to ebb and flow
the whole course of humanity
toward THEIR
intended destination

slavery without chains

a master plan made to order
with all the ingredients of a
police state to arrest the chaos
they make ... and blame on others

how many hi-jackers does it take
to get NORAD to stand down?

not 1, not 19 ...

there is not a Muslim-islam-o-fascist-cia trained-jihadi-operative
in Florida, Pakistan, or Iraq that can
get NORAD to 'stand down'
for hours ... no Israeli Mossad agent
with the 'ways and means' to keep
every F-16 off playing
war games while
'real world' exercises
are being executed

ps (y) op

how many Bin Ladens have to be created
before you're scared enough to die ...
just to remain safe from
the dangers THEY orchestrate?

that's how many will occur ...

sometimes, I wish I didn't know,
but most times, I wish
more people did.

Chad Lilly 2009


Do yourself a favor and watch these before you go:

Friday, July 17, 2009

Toxic Sunset

Not much of importance to write about here today, so let's get right to the images.
As usual, there's a chemtrail in every shot.

I did want to mention to the anonymous commenter from yesterday though, that you can tell from my pictures that I do live in a rural area. The nearest metropolitan center from here is 40-50 km's or 28 miles (give or take), then Toronto is another 50 or so km's from that.

Right-click to open in a new tab/window for full resolution.

Below, I forgot my familiar red arrows, but there are two "rod-like" shapes that are definitely not planes.
One's near the top left, below the http, and one's near the bottom left of the blue sky below the chemtrail and above the treeline.

And here, below, at the very top edge of the shot towards the left is a shadowy rod-like shape.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Is This HAARP?

Last night I was taking some pictures of the sunset, and I noticed these weird lines in the sky. I have seen them before, but never had an opportunity to grab some shots like I did last evening.
Usually here in Ontario, these herringbone patterns in the sky are seen during bright daylight hours, on heavy chemtrail days
I wonder if this is HAARP in action, while there is little "chaf " in the sky.

I'm also including some beautiful sunset shots, since there's a few showing where the line patterns in the sky are, and also it's nice to share such lovely pictures.
Much easier to see those weird HAARP lines in the pics at original size, so right click the images and open in a new window/tab.