Saturday, April 18, 2009

Goodbye Blue Sky

I finally put together a little vid of my own for Youtube.
I *do* have a really nice JVC DVD hard drive cam, with all kinds of footage on it too, but I need a lot of hard drive space on the computer to work with them.
Some time this summer I'll get to that project.
In the meantime, here is what I made yesterday.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

My Sky Today and Some Interesting Links

I found this website the other day, and thought it worth linking up to here. Some interesting information and an intriguing theory on the who and why of it all regarding chemtrails.

Chemtrails information
Stop Chemtrails index
The Great Dying--The real reason behind chemtrails

It's still fairly early here, about 3:00 pm, and I have a few snaps to post. I'm sure if I waited until 7:00 pm I'd have tons, but I figured I'd put these ones up now. Not going to be waiting around with cam in hand all day like I sometimes have the time to do.

Right click and open in new tab/window for full size images

Here are a few more pictures added this evening. Took them around 7:30 pm.
I've also added a live chemtrail webcam feed here, that will be online during the days we are getting sprayed.