Thursday, February 26, 2009

Notice that this "chemjet" lights up, (at 55 secs) then almost doubles its output of chemtrail and speed. Filmed by Jason Pepper, February 25th at 1pm over Toronto, Canada.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Trails Over Toronto

By the time I got myself freed up to do some more photographing outside today, they had sprayed so heavily that even though the forecast was for clear skies, with partial cloudiness, it was (is) totally whited-out above me here up north.
I have another video shot by Jason Pepper of Pairanormal Guys to share though. Thanks yet again Jason!

Another Day of Trails II

Here are the shots from our drive late yesterday afternoon.
The first one with the red circle is a snap out the back window of the truck. I should have taken the shot outside the vehicle, the window is dirty.
The circle contains what people
on the internet are calling a "chembow". You can just barely see it here. It's kind of oval, and taller than it is wide.
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The explanation for this phenomenon is that the chemshit getting sprayed above us contains ethylene dibromide. EDB
was used in leaded gasoline until 1983 to remove lead from engines. This chemical is a heavy liquid with a chloroform-like odor. Even low grade exposure to EDB is considered dangerous. Ethylene Dibromide, one of the most toxic pesticides ever created, has been used as a component of jet fuel. The chemical was deemed to be too hazardous for any application that allowed it to come into contact with humans, so then it was banned from jet fuel. Now, once again it is back in the jet fuel. EDB is being sprayed into the skies above us in massive quantities on an ongoing basis. People under the chemtrail fallout have complained of being able to smell the dangerous toxin, taste it in their mouths and feel it on their skin. Continuing exposure to EDB, even at low levels results in immune supression, respiratory problems, weak muscles and lethargy. EDB is also a potent carcinogen.
There is no antidote for Ethylene Dibromide exposure.

This series of shots isn't too clear, taken from the inside of the truck windshield, but in the photo with the red arrows, you can just see the two parallel trails that both take a turn in the sky.

At 9:50 am, as I write this post and upload the pictures, the jets are in full swing here. The skies are deep blue, and the sun is blasting away nicely in the south east, but there are already some pretty impressive trails being formed.
More snaps to be taken today no doubt, after I get done what needs doing around here

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Another Day of Trails

It's been pretty cloudy and grey here since my last post. Whether or not we have been getting sprayed is hard to tell, although from my experience, they do carry on up there, even in overcast conditions. The only days I know for sure they don't bother, is when the winds are kicking up at better than 40-50 km's/hr. We have had a few of those real blustery days too, which is quite normal for a Canadian winter. Today is the first time the conditions have been about the same as they were on the 16th of February. And today we have the same types of planes flying above, spewing forth their poisons.

Tomorrow I'll add the rest of the photos I took today, as we drove into town around 4 pm

Here's a vid from fellow Canuck Jason Pepper, who runs the Pairanormal Guys website. Thanks for the vid over Toronto today Jason!

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