Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Another Day of Trails

It's been pretty cloudy and grey here since my last post. Whether or not we have been getting sprayed is hard to tell, although from my experience, they do carry on up there, even in overcast conditions. The only days I know for sure they don't bother, is when the winds are kicking up at better than 40-50 km's/hr. We have had a few of those real blustery days too, which is quite normal for a Canadian winter. Today is the first time the conditions have been about the same as they were on the 16th of February. And today we have the same types of planes flying above, spewing forth their poisons.

Tomorrow I'll add the rest of the photos I took today, as we drove into town around 4 pm

Here's a vid from fellow Canuck Jason Pepper, who runs the Pairanormal Guys website. Thanks for the vid over Toronto today Jason!

Right-clicking any image will open in new window for larger picture.

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