Friday, July 17, 2009

Toxic Sunset

Not much of importance to write about here today, so let's get right to the images.
As usual, there's a chemtrail in every shot.

I did want to mention to the anonymous commenter from yesterday though, that you can tell from my pictures that I do live in a rural area. The nearest metropolitan center from here is 40-50 km's or 28 miles (give or take), then Toronto is another 50 or so km's from that.

Right-click to open in a new tab/window for full resolution.

Below, I forgot my familiar red arrows, but there are two "rod-like" shapes that are definitely not planes.
One's near the top left, below the http, and one's near the bottom left of the blue sky below the chemtrail and above the treeline.

And here, below, at the very top edge of the shot towards the left is a shadowy rod-like shape.

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