Monday, July 13, 2009

Is This HAARP?

Last night I was taking some pictures of the sunset, and I noticed these weird lines in the sky. I have seen them before, but never had an opportunity to grab some shots like I did last evening.
Usually here in Ontario, these herringbone patterns in the sky are seen during bright daylight hours, on heavy chemtrail days
I wonder if this is HAARP in action, while there is little "chaf " in the sky.

I'm also including some beautiful sunset shots, since there's a few showing where the line patterns in the sky are, and also it's nice to share such lovely pictures.
Much easier to see those weird HAARP lines in the pics at original size, so right click the images and open in a new window/tab.


  1. I want to post my observations from a recent trip to the sierra nevada mountains in central california.

    I spent two weeks above 8000 ft in an area that is designated wilderness. During that period the weather pattern changed completely from mostly cloudy and sometimes partially overcast to crystal clear blue sky for days on end.

    At NO time did a single chemtrail appear in the sky whether clouded or clear. Numerous large jet aircraft passed over the area daily and I was NEVER indoors because there are NO structures to prevent my view of the sky. I was outside for over two weeks and NEVER saw a single "contrail" spread out and cover the sky like I do at home where its a populated area.

    Today and all days since I have been back here in southern oregon the familiar pattern of painting the sky with that crystalized crap has been noted. Today I sat for hours and watched the pseudo clouds form after being sprayed. Initially the contrail may disappear and later the chemicals that are sprayed slowly reappear and exhibit the appearances and phenomena well documented all over the internet.

    I want someone who is involved in this operation to go to a fucking public computer and post just what in the hell is going on here. Something is being sprayed and has been for over ten years and we need to know what, why and how to stop it.

    There is absolutely zero risk involved in stopping by a public library and typing for a couple minutes to remain anonymous.

    I don't care for theorys guesses hypothesis and bullshit.

    Somebody involved in this crap needs to sack the fuck up and lay this shit out on the line for humanity.

    We need some real answers and a way to validate the presentation of such.

  2. @ Anonymous
    I agree, and have the same feelings, as far a theories, guesses and bullshit. That's why when I do post one of those, it's someone else's, and I usually state at the beginning of my post that I do not personally subscribe to that, or ANY particular hypothesis. I just put it out there for everyone else to brew upon. I've brewed enough, personally, and like you, just want some SOLID answers from someone who is doing this to us.
    I have the feeling though, that the pilots for one, have been paid a high enough sum to keep their questions to themselves, contract their obligations and go home at the end of the day knowing about as much as us, as far as what is being sprayed and why.