Wednesday, June 24, 2009

All Fake, Fake, Fake!

As usual, I watched the sky go from azure blue to a hazy, foggy white today.
The title refers to today's "clouds" in the sky I captured on cam.
While we were out bbq-ing, my husband and I saw some really weird objects in the sky. I have pointed them out in red on the photos and they are easily seen when you right-click and open in a new tab/window as a full sized image.

If you are familiar with my writing here, you will know that never have I claimed to see a UFO or anything remotely strange in the sky, other than the "persistent contrails", or chemtrails themselves.
I don't mean to say that what we saw up there were spaceships, just that there were some odd unidentified shapes flying around out there today.
Some I caught on camera, some, like the first one, the one my husband saw, I missed totally because I was stunned that he, of all people was saying "Holy shit, oh my god I just saw one of those 'things' you showed me on Youtube!"

What he was referring to when he said 'things' was either an orb, or those rods that have been captured on camera by others.
Definitely a busy day up there to the north west!
I numbered the snaps, which I don't usually do, but I want to make sure that they go up in order because of a very strange thing that shows up in two consecutive pictures.
I am also adding the information that my computer tried to shut down while I was watermarking the first of the pictures I just mentioned.
Yeah, I'm paranoid hehehe. The question is, am I paranoid enough?!

In this pic below, you can see the small chembow on the left, and at this time we saw what appeared to be a steely glint on the right. It just shows up on the snapshot as a white pixel, sorta.

In these two shots, I have this little 'thing' at the top. I know it just looks like a glitch in the camera, and it probably is, but I wanted to point it out, because it's at the same time we saw an orb-like thing zooming by. Also, notice the position it's in, in conjunction with the cloud (chemshit) that looks like a heart or wings. I was watermarking the first one when my computer decided to try to shut down on it's own.
They were taken one after the other.
In the top pic, you can see the round thing quite well, and although it does look bird-like, I can attest that it just kinda floated, with no wings visible, and at a rate of speed so incredible, we couldn't believe our eyes. Neither of us have ever seen a bird do what this thing did.

Below, we could see the jet turning it's aerosols on and off, kinda like, putt-putt-putt!
Nasty things!!

I know, this one's a bird ;)

Again, I know it doesn't look like much in the pic, more bird-like than anything.
We saw this little blip go so fast across the sky it was incredible!

Angel's wings? =)

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