Wednesday, June 3, 2009

PART ONE ~ Think Outside the Box. Work Outside the System.

Today I am just posting a few pics.
Yes they are still spraying us with their chemshit.

I am also posting a letter today, that came in three parts to a chemtrails yahoo group I belong to.
Although the third part is very "Americanised" -- nothing wrong with that, just I'm Canadian -- there is a lot of good advise in it that we should all try to carry out in some form or another.

Today, part one:

Captain's Log 23 May 2009 Part One of Three....

Posted by: "" captaindragonfarstar

Sat May 23, 2009 2:13 pm (PDT)

Think outside the box.

Work outside the system.

It took years of steady work to break the drought in Arizona. First big crack came in July of '03. The final bit of drought was over in the early weeks of '04. Cloudbusters were part of the mix of technology that achieved the results. Neutralizing the HAARP array in Sierra Vista with charged water and Triniti Wands finally broke the drought for most of Arizona. It wasn't until we introduced the practice of agnihotra that the Casa Grande area finally got relief.

And so it was for about three years that agnihotra ash mud balls were the weapon of choice for neutralizing cell phone towers and combatting drought. Not everyone is willing to build a cloudbuster, let alone enough of them to make a difference in the regional weather. But mud balls are a low-tech, inexpensive and risk-free way of dealing with the problem.

For those of you reading this who are unfamiliar with the subject, the energy in the ash is bio-interactive, and will follow the intent of the user. The ash covered clay balls were a delivery system for that energy. The mud balls would be deposited near a tower, the energy would leave the clay ball and form an egg-shaped shield around the cell phone tower, keeping the dark energy inside. The mind control and destructive energy would stay within the local area, about 8 to 10 feet radial range. Legitimate communications were not hampered.

We sent ash and mud balls all over the USA and into Europe, too. It was effective and irreversible, and was what we had for about three years until Double Agent was developed.
On the forum there were at that time some people who were still experiencing drought conditions. One in particular stands out in my mind. A gentleman from down around Austin, my home state of Texas, complained bitterly about chemtrails and drought. It would be an understatement to describe his reaction to my offer of mud balls as less than enthusiastic. I sent him some anyway. I figured that the worst thing that can happen is nothing. And there's always the chance that being in the presence of the intense positive energy would force some Light in between his ears.
I guess it didn't happen. The drought continued, and was still going on as of this year. In the course of her college work and career development path, MaryK became friends with and later a collaborator with a lady in Kerrville, not all that far from Austin. This was only a couple of months ago. The lady told MaryK that the area was still in a drought situation.
It became necessary for MaryK to go visit the lady, and of course, she took along some Double Agent and a few Agenda Busters. The visit went very well, those two are on course now for developing a branch of the Kerrville lady's organization right here in Commerce. The Texas Music Heritage Foundation.
And sure enough, just as we anticipated, it was not long before the rains came to Kerrville--and Austin. They've had a number of rains since that time, and the report from the Kerrville lady is that it's green down there now. Green is a relative thing in that desert area, as it was in the Arizona desert. Not much rain on an annual basis even in normal times. Normal times are back now.

Sometimes you gotta do it yourself if you want to get anything done. One of the hard things to understand about human nature is that not everyone who complains about a problem is willing to put forth any effort to solve the problem. And especially if the solution to the problem is strange, unique, or improbable. But sometimes you gotta

Think outside the box, and
work outside the system. I hope Mr. Wheat Farmer from Austin is enjoying, even benefitting from this rain. If he is, I'll never hear about it! You can bet on that. Let's continue to think outside the box in Part Two, as we look at ways to change the system.


Tomorrow I'll post part two

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