Thursday, June 4, 2009

PART TWO ~ Think Outside the Box. Work Outside the System.

Although we *did* get chem'd quite a bit today, I was busy elsewhere and didn't have time to take any pics.
I am including some links to chembuster or cloud buster pictures and plans. You'll understand after you read the second part here. Seems I have been unknowingly guilty of fueling their (NWO scum) fear campaign, and the result is I am helping to feed their hungry appetites.

How to Build a Chembuster

Cloudbuster / Chembuster

Chembuster picture

Another Chembuster picture

Captain's Log 23 May 2009 Part Two of Three....

Posted by: "Al Gray" captaindragonfarstar

Sat May 23, 2009 2:18 pm (PDT)

I want to extend a special welcome and thank you to some people I've been working with over the last few weeks. Some are receiving the Captain's Log for the first time. Thanks to all of you for your best efforts at engaging the dark side, and for allowing me to participate in that effort. Think outside the box. Work outside the system.
First thing to do is identify the box. "I don't see no box. What you talkin' about, 'box'? Ain't no box around here." Can't you just hear them? The box is more of a mental box than a physical one. It is a set of conditioned responses and expectations imprinted upon you from birth by, you guessed it, the 'system'. The one we are going to have to learn how to work outside of.
Yeah. I know. Never use a preposition to end a sentence with.
The box. Do what you've always done and you'll get what you always got. That's the way the box works. The system doesn't mind it if you see problems, or realize that the way things are is not the best of all possible ways. So go ahead and tell all your friends. That's fine too. The system has taught you how to respond to identified problems, bad situations, impending disasters, and bad policies. Whatever way you choose, unless you think outside the box you'll never have an impact on those problems, because the system has led you to believe that there are certain ways to deal with problems. That those ways are not threatening to the system is something you are not expected to ever realize.
The system presents you with the awareness of problems, individually, sequentially, or in bunches like bananas. The problems come at you so fast, in such numbers. The problems are seen as individual units. It is never suggested or allowed that anyone realize that the problems are spawned by the system. It isn't that we have problems within our system. It is that the system IS the problem.
Part of the system's function is to make you aware of problems, and the more problems you become aware of the more the system prospers. It prospers in part because there are so many problems that we are all overwhelmed by their number. And they are all important. They all need to be corrected. The system prospers and its leaders are literally fed by the energy generated by the frustration of the masses at their inability to deal with so many problems. This energy, this DOR as Wilhelm Reich named it, is food for them.

So the more problems you see and complain about the more energy they have to feed on. And the system encourages you to tell your friends. The system will then feed on their frustration and anger, too. This is why there are so many Alex Jones type web sites. Sure, he identifies problems. It's called 'informing the public'.

Jeff Rense, too. Most of the problems are real, all of them are hyped to get the most emotional response possible. And while the public may be 'informed' by such people, they are left feeling powerless by the enormity of the problem or problems.

The web is full of such sites. Alex Jones is no threat to the Establishment. He is part of the Establishment. And if you're in the mood for well crafted fiction to get your emotions going, you can't beat Sorcha Faal.

Just try to get one of these site owners to present a solution to a problem. You'll never get past the receptionist. That's not their schtick. Generating fear and anxiety is what they do. If there is a solution to a problem, you'll never see it on their site.
Rense will tell you about chemtrails, for example. And even have bogus photos from 'experts' to show what a spray plane looks like. Anyone ever see a cloudbuster mentioned on Rense's site? Finding solutions is not their business. Keeping you frustrated and anxious is.
The 'box' and the 'system' are much like Morpheus' description of the Matrix. It's all around you. It's everywhere.

Demonstrations, letter writing campaigns, on-line petitions, rallies, and protest marches are all conditioned, inside-the-box, responses. It's like shooting at paper targets. While your little group is focused on correcting one problem, the system is busy creating more, and letting you be distracted from the problems, the real misdeeds, that they don't want you to see. Ineffective action, scattered energies, and the system is unchanged. Fed, actually, by such efforts.

The box is part of the system. It was the system that put your mind in that mental box. You can't change the system. You, we, our kind of people, we have to become the system. We become the system by erecting something better in its place. To do that, we must identify the energy streams from which they feed, and work to interrupt or diminish those streams of energy.

There is more than one energy stream. Let us, therefore, choose our battleground and work in an area where we are most likely to succeed.

We'll discuss that in Part Three.

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