Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Well OK Then, Here We Go...Post # 1---AGAIN!

I created this blog last week some time and wrote for about an hour only to re-read, save and log out, then find it vanished the next day. The blog still existed, but nothing was written on the page!

I had no idea what the blog would be about, just kind of a place to write interesting---or likely not---stuff from my day.

After what happened to me today, I think this blog shall have theme after all.

You know that the economy is crashing, and things are looking very grim for many people, right? Well more so for other countries and not so much Canada. Yet.

So my mate and I have been listening to a lot of talk radio as usual, and one host, a man named George Noory from the show Coast to Coast AM recommends buying gold, silver and other precious metals. He and a lot of other people "in the know".

Well today we went to the world's largest gold dealer, Scotiabank, here in our hometown not far from Toronto to buy silver bullion, since it's at an all-time low right now at just over $10.00 CAD an ounce. We did our homework first online, and even called ahead to the branch to make sure no appointment was necessary, and discussed over the phone why we would be coming in. Donna was very helpful, and we went right over to the bank after the call.

When we got there, we sat at the information desk and Donna herself, who deals with precious metals trading etc. was there to help. She made the call to wherever it is they put in the order, only to be told they had none. Not surprising, considering we also heard through various sources that it would be hard to find. But Donna told us on the phone earlier there'd be no problem, and to come right in.

We were then told we could easily buy stocks in their silver, which means we would hold a piece of paper saying we held title to so much silver in their vaults. But wait a minute...didn't the guy on the phone tell her they had no silver? Hmmmm, that seems a little odd, doesn't it? Why would we want a piece of paper for something they had none of?

Now here's the sad part. What we believe is happening is they are in possession of lots of silver. That's right, but they do not wish to part with it at such low prices because we all know that it's going to go up in price soon. A lot. The reasons are easy to figure out, and I don't feel like writing it all down right now. It has to do with keeping the rich people rich, and the not rich, well yeah, not rich.

That's Jordan Maxwell speaking. The man is...well he's incredibly brilliant.

So This is what my blog will become here. The reasons for a lot of things will become very clear for anyone who wishes to follow me. This blog is about awakenings, hopefully yours and many others.

Here is another thing you will likely see here very often. It is one of the things that disturbs me most right now.


Date: 2008-10-12, 6:02PM EDT

Heavy CHEMAction over Mississauga and points north up past Barrie.
I repeat CHEMTrail Alert!
This is NOT a drill!
We are being systematically CHEMTrailed AGAIN! And this as accompianed by Hostess Crinkle Cut cloud structure also known as Maple Leaf Foods Pound of Smoky Bacon cloud structure also known as HAARP-induced artificial unculus cirrus cloud structure.
Heavy north-south orientiation to this air traffic - that is to say; lots of high-altitude CHEMSpewing jet-liners coming from DUE NORTH!!!
That makes NO SENSE good brothers and sisters. What's due north? NOTHING!! All points north of us are served by small turpo-prop commuter planes (not jetliners). It's as plain as that giant zit on the end of your nose - we are being subject to systematic CHEMIntoxication.

Don't know the first thing about CHEMTrails? Look it up you Canadian Dodo Bird.
Go to Youtube and type CHEMTrails .. see what you get. Go to google - do the same thing. Go outside and take a look - see all that non-descript dirty alumina-white high altitude haze? Well that's CHEMShit - and we're in for it (tomorrow). It takes 24 hours to land on our thick wooden CHEMSkulls. Tomorrow will be a CHEMDay as characterized by a ubiquitous ground hugging CHEMHaze and a day of light drizzle (nuisance drizzle - I call it - as it never breaks into a full-fledged downpour).
Anyhow the bastards CHEM'ed the tar out of us today - just in time for Thanksgiving. Pull your fool head out of the snow you Canadain Hollywood-jaded sap-sucker and look to the sky. We got CHEM'ed once again - and now you get to suck it all in - hope you like it. I don't.

This is a post from craigslist.
This person pretty much sums up what I am feeling.
There will be a lot of posts here about chemtrails, trust me. I am obsessed right now.

No, I don't wear a tinfoil hat!

Here's a couple of vids to educate (awaken) yourself on the chemtrail issue:

Look here for more info


I found the first post I lost on this site, so disregard all that stuff at the beginning of this post I don't feel like going back and deleting it!
Catch ya L8R!


  1. Howard Zinn
    Noam Chomsky

    Read them and discover the depths of our indoctrination from our education system, institutions and media.

  2. falldown7> Hey, thanks for the reading list! :)