Thursday, October 16, 2008

And Now For Something Completely Different!

Just thought I'd lighten up the blog today. Although...knowing what the Ace Of Spades in a deck of cards represents, I s'pose it's not that far a stretch to say this song goes quite nicely with the theme of this page.


...don'tcha think?



  1. Hell yeah Motorhead ;)
    Next time they come to town, we'll go together, Ma. Awesome blog by the way, love readin' it :)

    PS I'm gonna be in town to kidnap Jen S with Dave, so I'll harass him to stop by your place and we can wear tinfoil hats together ;)

  2. T3h zombiekitteh> Well the Motorhead vid was actually a friend of your Papa's doing it, extremely well I might add, but I was asked (Papa) to remove it for reasons better left unsaid herein.
    As for a chance to see you for the first time in almost eleven months....well you better come here. If your friend refuses, I will come to the big Odot myself and kidnap YOU for the day!! What day would this be btw?