Monday, October 20, 2008

Feeling Too Lazy and Too Shitty Today

I really hadn't planned on coming here at all today, but after reading this page, I thought I'd link up to it, for those of you who may want to further educate yourselves, or to read what you may already know or suspect.
And I guess while I'm here, I may as well give you this to watch:
Be ready for some terrible narration in the second half, sounds like this guy just learned to read yesterday.
But a good bit of info on HAARP

Mr. Toxic and I were out shopping Friday Oct. 17th in the town nearest our home. I wonder if there's anyone out there who lives near Orangeville, Ontario, who saw what we saw in the skies around 6-7pm.
First of all, we were absolutely PASTED with chemshit all week. I mean we have been witness to a very aggressive aerosol campaign for 7-10 days starting around Thanksgiving weekend.
Our skies have been that beautiful deep, clear blue almost every morning, only to deteriorate by 10 am to the typical criss-cross and tic-tac-toe pattern of chemical nastiness we are becoming so used to. The jet traffic is incredible, for an area that is not on any flight paths
So Friday evening we're driving home and we see in the western sky a tiny rainbow IN a "cloud". I point it out and immediately exclaim "ooooh! HAARP's on"!
I was half kidding, thinking what I was really seeing was a regular sun-dog.
Within minutes all the long chemtrail clouds started to transform into that familiar "krinkle-cut" chip pattern.

They were literally boiling and roiling right in front of us. It was quite a spectacular show, and as it continued, the coloured clouds intensified, almost like the northern lights shimmering, but in all the colours of a rainbow's spectrum.
It lasted maybe 20-30 minutes, perfectly timed for us to get from Orangeville to our place. I was extremely disappointed that I didn't get a chance to document it with our digital cam or the video cam.

If I hadn't been wearing my tinfoil hat, I'd say those guys waited until I was out, to turn that fucker on!

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