Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Carole Pellatt

As usual, I find myself obsessed with finding more information about what is going on up above, in the sky. Having all this free time on my hands is allowing me to learn much about the five W's.
Today I found a wonderful website created by Carole Pellatt. I have only scratched the surface of her numerous pages, but wanted to share with you the wealth of information she has provided.

Here is one homepage:
Chemtrails-LOOK UP AT THE SKY!!!

And here is a list of downloadable pdf files:
This page contains military, government,and scientific reports pertaining to perpetual war,space wars,military budgets,aerial spraying,arms trading,procurement,and arms control, to list a few....

Here is a very well done vid by Carole, and a great soundtrack to boot!

I have not come to any conclusions yet as to why we are continually being poisoned by the powers that be, but I have kept a completely wide-open mind.
There are so many theories, but do lean towards a certain few.
I will keep my opinions to myself, and just try to set out to post as much on the subject as I can, and allow you to come to your own conclusions.

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