Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Time To Do Something About It

Today I received a small package in the mail that was sent to me from the BIG State of Texas. It is reported to be extremely helpful in the fight against chemtrails and other bad mojo.
You add a small amount to about one litre (one quart) of water. I don't know if it matters, but I'm using pure hospital grade reverse osmosis water, as it's what we make for our drinking water here in my house.

This is called Double Agent, or DA, as the people who are in the know call it.
I would like to post here some of the writings of the gent who sent me this package, since it will bring you up to speed as to what I have been reading lately.
*If you are reading this Dragon, please feel free to add to this post via comments, to clarify or just drop in your two cents!


Cell Phone Towers, A Tutorial Part One

12/25/2006 10:21 PM
They're known as cell phone towers, because that's what those who planted them there want you to believe. Some of them may have legitimate functions, but that would likely be a minority. There are people who can literally see energy, and they tell me that the energy they see emanating from those towers is black and repulsive. It is life-negative energy.

These towers are often powered by an on-site generator that runs of natural or bottled gas. Sometimes you will see one with no obvious external power source. Look closely. See if you can find heavy cables coming from underground and going up the tower to the panels. Those towers will be powered by an underground source that is likely nuclear, and contained in an underground base. When you see that, then you know you have more than one problem. We'll discuss underground bases another time. For those of you who are not familiar with their existence, search the 'net for Phil Schneider. He was the authority on their existence and construction until he was killed by a black ops team. And if you're really concerned and want to take action, e-mail me. I will tell you what can be done.

The black energy that comes from these towers carries a frequency, or a select group of frequencies, depending on what the operators expect to accomplish. Almost any dark agenda can be initiated or enhanced by these towers. Mind control is one of their functions. They are numerous enough in the large and medium cities to affect everyone who lives or passes through there. The effect is to keep the people in a state of mental numbness where they will accept or at least not protest any overt move by the government, no matter how disruptive or destructive, or how much freedom is taken from them.

This is just the baseline of effect. These frequencies produce a mental numbness and a state of acceptance that makes the manipulated population receptive to other suggestions. Some towers have panels, and those panels are movable, and can be focused. With the proper frequency, they can produce symptoms of disease in a selected part of the city. The people get sick, the FEMAggot doctors move in and diagnose it as whatever the current frightening disease is supposed to be. Quarantine and martial law follows that, and mandatory vaccinations are imposed. The vaccinations are disease vectors themselves, not to mention a chip delivery system.

At will, they can cause riots. At will, they can increase the incidents of heart attack or other major malfunction. At will, they can induce road rage or bend your mind to do stupid things, like vote for George Bush. Get the picture?

Ever wondered why there are almost no public demonstrations against the war? We get some, but it's nothing like what was going on in the sixties. In the sixties, we didn't have towers. Today, we have towers which are reinforced by subliminal messages on TV. The subliminal messages on TV are made more receptive by the fluoride damage done to your brain.

The mental and physical health of the population has been compromised by all the above. So here come the spray planes with their barium and aluminum and diseases. The spray comes out, gets into the air and water, the electrons do their dance of death, and people seek medical attention. Those who don't seek medical attention rely on over-the-counter medications that are themselves life-negative in nature, and set up receptor sites in the brain for subliminal manipulation. It is all a mutually reinforcing operation.

The payoff for the perpetrators is a totally malleable population which they view as an owned resource, much like a herd of cattle. It's time to thin the herd, but they can't do as the cattlemen do and send the excess animals to market. Their plan is to make them sick, suck up all the money from insurance and medicare, and then get paid to bury them after all their resources have been spent on care and treatment.

This is, as I said, a tutorial. First, you become familiar with the problem. I'm not here to induce an 'ohmigodwhatarewegonnado' response.

To define a problem is to limit its power. Next step is to shut them down. I will tell you how.


Ok, so there you have it in a little nutshell. Not by any means the whole shebang, but it all makes a lot of sense. Well to me it certainly does.
I am done with simply being a blogger bringing you pictures and gloom and doom about chemtrails, which in effect, is feeding those nasty "people" (I'm starting to wonder about that one now), who need our fear to survive and thrive. I'm now being more proactive about this whole situation, and by using DA in my area I hope to be able to make a difference.
I would also like to spread the word about this stuff, especially here in my own country, where there are few who even bother to look up at the sky, let alone acknowledge that something horrible like this could possibly be happening to us.

And now Part Two:

Cell Phone Towers Tutorial, Part Two
12/25/2006 10:27 PM We became aware of the threat posed by cell phone towers in early 2002. What we learned was that the towers were meant to be used to implement martial law in ways discussed in the previous post. The little band of resistance members went into action. We had been using orgone to clear the skies of chemtrails, and we used it for a while to neutralize the towers. The thinking was that the orgone generators would transmute the negative energy coming from the towers, thus rendering them useless as instruments to create conditions that would allow the imposition of martial law.

It worked to a limited extent, and maybe long enough to buy us some time. That, plus our activities against them on other fronts, worked well enough that martial law was not imposed within the targeted time frame. It wasn't until the winter of '04-'05 that we developed the ultimate weapon against these towers.

Late in '04, maybe November, someone made me aware that the folks in Australia were using agnihotra ash to enhance the performance of their orgone devices. I read that, and immediately connected with the memory of having read about agnihotra in the book, SECRETS OF THE SOIL. In there, the writer interviewed a man in India who was using the agnihotra practice to clear out the smog. I thought it was a unique approach, burning cow manure in an inverted copper step pyramid. I set the information up on a shelf in my mind waiting for another day when additional information could be obtained. Remember, this was way before the internet, when information was not at our fingertips as it is now.

I read his message and began to search for more information. I found it, bought the equipment, and began the practice. Within a month, the last vestige of drought in Arizona was broken. We had already weakened the drought by disabling the HAARP antennas and shutting down the underground bases. There were parts of Arizona that were still in a drought condition. The agnihotra practice ended the drought.

I learned that agnihotra has a history, going back 3,000 years B.C.E. Among its other attributes, it dispels negative energy. A light bulb goes off in my head. The most pervasive source of negative energy is those cell phone towers. All I had to do was deliver some ash on site, and that would disable the towers. As a delivery system for the ash, I rolled up some clay mud balls and covered them in ash. When they dried, we used them against the towers.

They worked. They worked in a most spectacular, satisfying way. We have on staff here at Z-Force Group people who can see energy. They tell us that one mud ball is enough to knock out a tower. The positive energy that is attached to the mud ball moves in response to our intent and envelops the tower in an egg-shaped containment field. The black energy is limited to a small radial range, usually 8 to 10 feet. The effect is permanent and, as far as we can determine, irreversible. Rain or wind or snow has no effect on the containment field. It's there, and there for all time.

We've seen attempts made to repair several towers. They've added a power station, even an extension to the tower, and yet the tower remains non-functional as a mind control device.

There have been thousands of these mud balls deployed all over the United States and in some European countries. We have carpet bombed the cities of Tucson and Phoenix with mud balls dropped along the freeway at one mile intervals. Most of the highways in Arizona have been treated the same way.

We have sent mud balls to dozens of people who have been afflicted by the energy from the towers. They all report immediate relief. Agnihotra ash is also part of our mind control remediation work. It enhances plant and animal and human health. We have seen a dog cured of cancer by eating a few mud balls, and some other amazing things.

The most fun use though, is against the dark side's hangouts. In July of '05, one of our operatives invaded the Bohemian Grove and drove the whole crowd out by deploying a handful of mud balls. Another one of our operatives dusted the Skull and Bones building with ash.
Want to have some fun of your own? Want to knock out some towers and strike a blow for freedom? We have ash, we have mud balls.
Write to me:

and I will help you get started.
Z-Force Group. Arizona's Global Tyranny First Response Team.

Here is another piece written by Dragon, which will explain how the DA can effectively wipe out the ill effects of those nasty, nasty towers, along with chemtrails and even drought!

1 August 2009

Recently we have learned that the Double Agent frequencies can be embedded in salt. The crystalline structure of salt makes it a better
carrier agent for the frequencies. The result is an even more effective solution.

A teaspoonful of DA charged salt in a quart of water will make a Double Agent spray solution. Use it as you would use the gel, in the manner described below.

The information below is still valid except for the description of the gel and the price. Until further notice, we will send out two
teaspoonfuls of salt at no charge to anyone in the 48 contiguous states. All we need is a mailing address. That will make enough DA solution to liberate a medium-sized town. For more ambitious projects requiring larger quantities of salt, or shipment outside the US, write to us for arrangements.

20 June 2009

Chemtrails are a world-wide phenomenon, and a world-wide problem. A movement to combat them originated in mid-2001 and is still going strong.
In those early days, we used a device known as a Cloudbuster, invented by a man named Don Croft who named his device in honor of Wilhelm Reich.

Chembuster would have been a more appropriate name, I suppose. But, Wilhelm Reich and his orgone energy ideas are widely understood and
accepted, and Don chose to honor the man in that way. The cloudbuster device generates enormous amounts of orgone energy and has been used successfully to erase or eliminate chemtrails.

The chembuster is the first tool or weapon available to the ordinary citizen as a way to fight and win against those who oppress us and
poison our skies. It was so effective that the sprayer forces had to find ways to overcome the effects of the chembuster. The unit itself has a limited range, and can easily be overwhelmed by flying more spray craft over an area. This has always been the sprayer forces' first response. Just overwhelm the chembuster. There are also ways of neutralizing the unit itself. Save that discussion for another day.

And so it is that for the last several years, the chembuster has not been as effective as it was in the early years. And vast areas of the country had no chembusters at all. Something new was needed. In early 2008, we here at Z-Force Group developed what we think is the ultimate solution, the answer to the chemtrail problem.

Some sources say that more than half of the energy output from a cell phone tower goes into the upper atmosphere. They spew out negative
energy which creates health problems in some people and tunes the atmosphere to negative vibrations. When the spray planes come along, they find that the sky is a receptacle already charged to accept and hold chemspray.

The answer to the chemtrail problem is to make the towers work for us! And we do that by introducing positive energy into the towers' effective field. The towers then become double agents, working for us. The product is called, appropriately enough, Double Agent gel.

It is food grade vegetable glycerin that is charged with some unique frequencies obtained for us by the Z-Force Group's Foreign Technology
Division. A gift from our friends from out of town, you might say.

Dissolve the 4oz jar of Double Agent into a gallon of water, and fill a spray bottle with the solution. Drive as close to a tower as you
can and squirt about three times into the air as you drive along. That's all it takes. The tower picks up the frequencies and broadcasts them over its radial range. The atmosphere is charged with positive energy and when the spray planes come over, the tower erases the trails.

The towers' negative energies are either displaced or neutralized. The tower will broadcast the supportive and restorative energies of the
Double Agent gel. The tower then becomes a community asset! The poisoners pay for its construction and operating cost and it works against them. Cool, wouldn't you say?

One little 4oz jar will provide enough solution to protect a medium sized city, or a huge chunk of countryside. A few hundred square miles
of East Texas had already been treated with DA when Hurricane Ike passed over last year. As the hurricane passed over the treated area, the storm mellowed out. All we got was a good rain and some stiff wind. When the storm passed beyond the treated area, it built up again and there was a considerable amount of damage.

We've used Double Agent in the Texas Hill Country to break a long-duration drought down there. All the towers got treated and the electrical transmission wires too. A few squirts as you pass under one is all it takes. They will carry the charge for miles. So will railroad tracks. Spray the tip of your vehicle's tail pipe. The exhaust will then be treated and spread the charge to all the traffic behind you. Spray the metal parts of your intake manifold, too. A 300 cubic inch engine at 2,000 rpm will generate 300,000 cubic inches of exhaust per minute.

That's a lot of treated atmosphere! And you'll pass the charge along to all the traffic behind you. This will reinforce the work that the treated cell towers are doing for you.
Double Agent gel has been in service for over a year now. We've gotten glowing reports from all who have used it. We get user reports from Canada, Australia, New Zealand, the island of Curacao, England and other European countries.

This is what they used to stop the induced drought in southern California.

You may order it via PayPal to my e-mail address. The $20 price covers shipping to the lower 48. I get my costs recovered, or mostly recovered.
This is not an income producing product. I've priced it at a ridiculously low price, considering the value received by the buyer. If I charged what it is worth, it would not be affordable.

I use more than I sell. I've treated hundreds of square miles over Texas, Arkansas, New Mexico, Kansas, Oklahoma and Missouri. So please, spare me the charges that I'm in this for profit or that this is a product promotion.

Once a tower has been treated, it is forever treated. There is no known way to cancel the effect. Go ahead and liberate your whole city. You'll
raise the quality of life for everyone there, and they'll never know how or why.

It'll look good on your resume' when you apply for sainthood!

So armed with this:

And this:

I begin my quest to start doing my part in my little piece of sky, to help end the insanity that has been going on right under our little mind controlled noses for generations.
The truth and a little DA shall set us FREE!


  1. Are you one of those kooky double agents preying on people trying to wake up from the lies that surround them and trying to get rich selling them salt water and that crazy orgone crap? Shame on you...and you are busted. A double agents greatest asset is mingling truth with half truth. Why don't you tell people about the medical effects of ionizing and non-ionizing radiation from these towers. Get 1 million people involved and call thier representatives. Then we can do something.

  2. I sell nothing.
    Shame on you for judging.
    Busted for what? Putting out information?