Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Dripping Chemtrails. WTF!?

I watched the chem-jets laying down their trails of poison today. Nothing new there, and there were lots, but that's also nothing new. Then I went back outside and saw this.
As the crap dripped down out of those fake clouds, they (the clouds) shrank and disappeared.
Has anyone ever seen anything like it? I would be very interested in comments or insights.
All I have to say at this point is this:

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  1. I saw some in the GTA Saturday. It is horrible in the GTA, I have thankfully moved:

  2. @ heidilore:
    Yes I'm not far from the GTA, and we drove to Cambridge through this, and it went all the way out there too. So pretty much all of southern Ontario is getting this crap. Today we are totally whited out again, from clear blue morning skies.

  3. I have also noticed these clouds over the last six months in Wisconsin. Actually most of the clouds I am seeing have this dripping whispy effect to them now. Why this hasn't drawn more suspicion is beyond me. These clouds just scream synthetic. Down here they just sort of appear from out of nowhere and fade out, but they come back throughout the day even on days the weird planes don't appear in the sky.


  4. @ Anonymous
    Why you don't see the chem-jets *possibly*, is because they use hush kits on 'em. ;)
    And I'm with you as far as how many people go about their days not noticing at all, or not bothering to ever look up. Or the people who see, but just ignore what they see, even though they do realise it's "weird".

  5. Hello,

    I've been investigating this phenomenon for quite a few years now. I really began to pay attention around 1996/97. I can tell you that unless we stick to occams razor, we are going to continue to have theories that never pan out. I guess the first thing to look at is the fact this is a global phenomenon. It happens 24/7 all over the world without stopping. Who are they poisoning? All of us? World leaders and elites breathe the same air we do. The theory isn't plausible even though this is causing people to get sick. Though the spray may be toxic, its sole purpose isn't poisoning the people. Is it weather manipulation? Well the weather is always chaotic, but it never follows a pattern that reveals there is any human manipulation involved. Fires are always burning in California because it's dry. The east coast always has hurricanes, and earthquakes are occurring along fault lines as they have since the beginning of the world. Human ingenuity is a hell of a thing, but we are far off from having control of the weather. But even more curious is the amount of airplanes doing this "spraying". Where are they all landing? They are flying every day of the year? How are they able to travel so quickly and to even be clocked going faster than those models were actually built for? We are talking more airplanes than all the airports (secret or otherwise) could support. Some of these planes may be landing, but some of them don't land. The ones that land are manmade, but the others aren't. Don't get me wrong, regular airplanes are flying around up there and probably spraying, but they are just doing a coverup mission, making us think that this whole thing is a manmade phenomenon. The chemtrail conspiracy itself has been created by men and slipped out to the public for consumption, but there is much more to the real phenomenon than people realize. Though conspiracy theorists will make theories, they will always resign to this being a secret military project. But a secret military project that covers every country in the world 24/7 is impossible? I don't know about you, but I smell bullshit. It is not uncommon for government disinformation programs to start conspiracy theories to set would-be investigators off the scent of the trail.

    I'm smart enought to know that what is going on up there, isn't manmade. People don't buy what I say because they can't quite wrap their minds around it yet. These airplanes aren't really airplanes, they are something else entirely. When you film them play your video back frame by frame and pay close attention. Often times you'll see white orbs flying in or around the trails. If you're lucky like I have been, you'll see a whole lot more than that. Thus far, we have witnessed things going on that defy any rational explanation. The phenomenon doesn't end at night. Watch the skies and familiarize yourself with the skies then as well. You might be surprised to find that even stranger phenomenon are presenting themselves while everybody is inside or sleeping.

    Let me just end by saying that what is occuring isn't benevolent by any stretch of the imagination. Once you start to grasp the full-scope of what is happening, you end up wishing you knew nothing at all.

    Best Regards,

  6. FYI:

  7. @ Anonymous
    Thanks for that comment above and the link (if you are the same).
    Nice website, I am pouring over it now.

  8. You're welcome. Hope it helps.